Article by S1

So what materials do you need to make your stove?

1, An empty gas bottle, a 19Kg bottle is about the right size.

2, 150mm of 50mm steel pipe.

3, 150mm of 100mm steel pipe.

4, Two steel hinges.

That will do for starters, you can add bits to the list depending on your design.

What tools and equipment to you need to build your stove?

1, Electric drill.

2, Electric stick welder (you can use Mig or gas if thats what you have)

3, Electric Jigsaw ( unless you have a friend with a Plasma cutter or an air saw)

4, Selection of drill bits and hole-saws

What you need to do.


You are going to need, Goggles, Welding mask, gloves and appropriate clothing.

Avoid wearing nylon when welding as it melts if you get sparks on it!

Also make sure you have a FIRST AID KIT to hand, just in case you cut yourself, burn yourself or injure yourself in any other way you can think of!

It is useful to have stored your gas bottle upside down with the valve open for several days before you start as this should clear the bottle of any gas left in it.

1. Mark the holes on the bottle for the FLUE PIPE, MAIN DOOR and AIR-SUPPLY PIPE. Flue at the TOP REAR, Air-supply at the BOTTOM 90 deg round from the flue, make sure you do these on the straight sides of the bottle away from the top and bottom curves. The main door should be on the opposite side to the flue.

2. Drill out your Flue pipe and Air-supply pipe holes with the appropriate hole saws.

3. Drill a hole in each corner of your Main door position, this is so you can get the jigsaw blade in.

4. Using the Jigsaw cut out the main door, ensuring you have your safety goggles on and gloves if necessary.

So now you need to put all the components together, for this you will need your welding kit, Don't forget to have your safety gear to hand.

You will need gloves, welding vizor and your first aid kit.

First thing to get on to your stove is the front door, so tack the hinges to the door first, and then on to the side of the gas bottle. Make sure you only tack them to start with as you may need to re-position them so that the door shuts properly.

You may also want tocheck that the door opens wide as well so that it is easier to get the fuel in when the time arrives.

So, now you have your door on you may wish to give it a smoke test, to do this I cleaned the lint filter in the tumble drier, put it in the chamber and set it alight. Shut the door and see if the smoke goes out of the flue hole and not the air inlet or the door.

Next to go on are the flue spigot and air intake pipe.

So the main components are all together on the stove, so nows a good time to move it to somewhere fire-proof to give it a trial. So fit your flue pipe and secure it in position. Get some kindling and firewood together and start your fire in the bottom of the stove.

Get a fire going and shut the door, hopefully a good fire will result, with air being drawn in from the bottom air intake the smoke should easily flow from the flue.

Keep a good fire going and it will start toburn off the external paint from the old gas bottle.

After about 20 minutes most of the paint will have burnt off, a wire brush will help to shift it!

So, you now have a stove that is near enough bare metal, a good coat of stove black will make it look better. Before you do that there are a number of extras that can be added such as handles and a hot plate for a kettle!